PRECIP Realtime Data and Data Server

real-time sounding

Sounding from PRE-CIP at the Christman Field in Fort Collins, CO


PSU ENKF WRF Ensemble model results over "PRE"-CIP domain

Data Access

ID and password are required to access the PRECIP data server.

Data Policy

The 2022 Joint International Field Campaigns Data Policy is established to help ensure open and timely access to all datasets collected by the collaborative efforts of all participating scientists in the PRECIP, TAHOPE, T-PARCII, and KPOP field campaigns. All individual project data policies should be in compliance with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Resolution 40 on the policy and practice for the exchange of meteorological and related data and products including guidelines on relationships in commercial meteorological activities: "As a fundamental principle of the WMO, and in consonance with the expanding requirements for its scientific and technical expertise, the WMO commits itself to broadening and enhancing the free and unrestricted international exchange of meteorological and related data and products."